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07.19.2010 - Sofia returns on the air as the guest for the RX Concert Series on Monster Radio RX 93.1. She brings with her a new album Sofia I believe... which was released in Japan and Singapore under the S2S recording company.

The Princess of Bossa Nova performed six songs started with Lansa Perfume and ended with her rendition of Michael Jackson's Human Nature. Its been three years since we last seen her on the music scene. She started her come back by appearing as one of the performers in the recent Arts & Music Festival last February...

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She performed all six of her songs on acoustic and viewed by the RX listeners via UStream TV. One of the most talented artists in the music scene. A painter, dancer, and popularity known to use the Bohdran, which is her signature instrument. Unfortunately she didn't have it with her.

Sofia I Believe... a fourteen track album which includes the classic Moon River, Out of the Blue, Michael Jackson's Human Nature, the same titled album song I Believe, Dreaming of You, You and Me Song, Only Love, Solitaire, the Japanese song Miagettegoran Yoruno Hosio, Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Dogwood Flower (Hanamizuki) another Japanese song, By Your Side, her version of How Deep Is Your Love, and her self composed song Broke my Heart.

The album is released under Vicor Records and its now being sold at your nearest record store nationwide.

Here next gig will be on July 31, 2010 at Gateway and for more details of her mall tours you can check her fan page by LIKE her facebook page.

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