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07.06.2010 - Predators is an upcoming science-fiction horror film directed by Nimród Antal, and starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Danny Trejo and Derek Mears as the Classic Predator.

The film is a sequel to Predator (1987) and Predator 2 (1990). Producer Robert Rodriguez stated that he named the film "Predators" in relation to how the second film in the Alien franchise was called Aliens. The title Predators is intended to have a double meaning, in that it refers to both the film's alien creatures, as well as the group of humans who are going against them...

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The movie had a red carpet press media screening in the Philippines on July 6, 2010 at the Cinema 6 of SM Megamall. It will be shown on July 8, 2010 internationally and in the US on July 9, 2010.

One Ugly Motha F*&@#$!

The premise leaves us in mystery how they got there or who sent them, but it surely is one movie I have never expect to see again after 18 years. The second Predator film was virtually unknown until I saw it being shown on television. All I can remember for this film is nostalgia with certain elements familair from the original 1987 flick.

Its a suspense thriller with no secrets left to reveal about the creature, but this time around we know what is a Predator after the Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Dutch first witness its beastly-ness.

There are few more back story worth looking at on how everyone came and landed in that jungle. Everything looks new again in this movie ar Robert Rodriguez made this film with suprising expectations. Expect this to be one of those films that will grab your interest. for the fans who had followed these braided freaks of nature is surely to be a hit once again with a new twist.

No lost for continuity as it is directly connected to the original Predator flick. As one who's familiar with the story gets the idea on what really happened. It gives you more info on the very first encounter.

The Verdict

We got an interesting cast of characters most notable was Danny Trejo for his roles in Desperado and Con-Air, but this is a Robert Rodriguez Produced film. You'll get the idea the actor is well connected to Rodriguez due to his previous film directorials.

Its worth seeing the nostalgia overall for an individual who has seen the first one in 1987. This will definitely entice the audience back in seeing these 8 foot monsters in action and being beat the crap out of humanity.

Expectations surprised me and get an 8/10 popcorn bag of points.

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