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07.03.2010 - Creator of the successful Kick-Ass comics by Mark Millar has no doubts what he plans for the series. He said it was intended to be a trilogy as with Director Matthew Vaughn has expressed in a sequel to the blockbuster movie, but maintains it has to be the right script and ideas.

Word is that the sequel's theme is "what if people tried to be bad guys?" says Millar. As to what the first movie captured the idea of having super heroes in the real world. Expect Hit Girl coming back slicing and dicing these bad guys. Kick-Ass 2 was confirmed by Millar that a film sequel is definitely in the works, with filming starting in 2011 and with a planned release in 2012.

Now that the movie has garnered a lot of fan following. The second one will surely kick you ass!

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House of Onika said...

We really enjoyed the first installment most especially Hit Girl.

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