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07.10.2010 - Early mornings are no longer part of my daily routine. Though I miss the challenge of waking up early its already flushed out of my system. Its been a while since I visited the RX Studios and the last one I can't remember. Though I miss going on-air its really taxing waking up on a very early time.

I promised myself that I'm going to drop by the station, and indeed a fulfilled that promised even though I miss the on-air show. It was really hard for me to get up at 6:30AM in the morning since I only slept a couple of hours. I really have to stop going to bed late unless I'm actually working in a grave yard shift which I'm not...

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Today was Gelli Victor's birthday and if haven't heard of Gelli On The Gravy on Monster Radio RX93.1 then as close friend would say Your A Boring Rock!. One of the hottest radio personalities I listen to in the wee hours of the night. After the switch with Rico Robles becoming Jude Rocha sidekick on day time show she was bumped up to the 3AM slot on her own solo show after Tom Alvarez.

Usually I have become comfortable listening to her show when she got the gravey show. I never missed her show before Chico Garcia and Delamar waking up the morning people at 6AM in the morning.

So going back it was a personal promise for me to go to the station. Not holding myself to missing the blog events scheduled for today. I immediately rushed leaving the house at 9AM since I got up by 8:05AM on the wrong side of the bed. But that didn't bother me to try and make it in time.

Arriving at the station Christi was already on-air for Single Saturday, but it didn't sound that she was all alone. The listeners who visited Gelli was keeping her company for the first hours of her show.

It was a definite treat for the listeners as Christi didn't mind much of the raucous in the background while her mic is on.

I made it to the station missing out the food but it didn't matter as what really important is I was able to see Gelli again after the last one where I became Rico Robles pupil on his Sunday show in March

Though not familiar with her regular listeners the only person I could remember is Oscar Dela Hopia who has been an active RX listener.

She was emotional when another bunch of flowers from a group of RX listeners based from far away arrived via a courier. She enjoyed this day definitely and was tuned in up until she signed of to celebrate with her listeners.

To Gelli you have a pleasant day adding another number to your age doesn't matter. As long as you live your life to the fullest and we are here for you keep you company not only on-air but off-air. We appreciate you being sincere and being a fun loving friend in the air waves and the best is yet to come.

For now Happy Birthday Gelli!

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