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07.27.2010 - Sucker Punch was roared with awesome acceptance during this year's Comic-Con as Zack Snyder unveiled the trailer for this awesome film to be released in March 2011.

Vanessa Hudgens poster was first seen at the official site with luscious glory and the cast was at the panel answer questions with enthusiasm. Yes, Comic-Con is here to deliver the Sucker Punch out from your gut with this interesting flick from the man who caught you rooting for 300 and astounded you with Watchmen.

The man doesn't need any introductions when helming such films mentioned as he was stoke with the upcoming film casting these gorgeous women. One poster of Vanessa Hudgens was the appetizer delivering you eye catching goodness as you have seen...

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

If this poster was not enough to get envious not having them physically during the recently concluded San Diego Comic Convention. You might be itching to print these if you have every chance to see this next year.

The trailer would give you some more tease about the film that will give you some one two combination...

Industrial age back then must be something of interest to Zack Snyder, and women with heavy armory in skimpy outfit is another thing to anticipate which is not enough.

Surely this one Sucker Punch we wont forget!

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