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07.25.2010 - This year's San Diego Comic-Con 2010 has a chuck full of stuff happening all at once. This is one pop culture extravagant that you should be on your toes. The highlight during Saturday was the panel for TV sitcom's coolest geeks. Namely Big Bang Theory as the entire cast trooped to Comic-Con to give th fans something to appreciate about the show.

Hosted by Wil Wheaton during the panel who played one of the character's protagonist. A fun-filled event that highlight their appearance to the mecha of geekdom as the cast gave a massive explosion...

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Albert Lawrence takes us through the scenes on what has transpired during the cast of Big Bang Theory during Comic-Con 2010...

If you haven't heard about this series you must be living in a rock. This is the show for the geeks and they have arrived at Comic-Con!

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