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07.01.2010 - Last June 11, 2010 I had the opportunity to see what Fitness 360 Club is all about. Call it an obstacle course but it will give a total body workout in less than 30 minutes.

The trainer assigned gave me warm ups before undergoing a stage workouts. They will make sure you reach your fitness goals, whether its to have more energy for your daily activities.

Seriously its going to be challenging to be motivated trying to get the exercise when laziness kicks in specially when your alone.

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So I was at there past 10AM to see the opening of the 360 Fitness Club, where I had undergone their circuit training. At first to warm myself up I had to do some stretching. All those muscles and bones where needing to "wake up", since been a while doing some movement aside from walking. From house to work the only exercise I got to everyday, and it ain't pretty when your about to try to do stretching yourself.

The 360 Circuit burns up to 500 calories in 30 minutes and it strengthen and tone you all at the same time. Its the quickest, most energetic and most efficient 30 minute workout.It is a total body workout you'll gonna catch your breathe as its made up of 20 exercise stations - 10 active stations + 10 active rest stations designed to be completed in 30 minutes.

The program was designed by our Head Coach Christopher “Chappy” Callanta, an internationally certified strength and conditioning expert certified by US-based NSCA-CSCS. (National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Basically its a group effort to be able to make those goals in becoming fit. And The 360 Team will be there for you every step of the way.

They also offer power yoga, hip hop, Latin, jazz, striptease, and kick boxing group exercise class. TRX classes (suspension training) which I never got to see is one of the programs they have that lets you perform hundress of exercises. They also conduct running class exercises.

If you feel that you need a different kind of training 360 Fitness Club is right up your alley. Give them a visit or drop by the 13th floor of Strata 100 located at F. Ortigas Jr. Road (Formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center in Pasig. For further details check out their facebook page or visit their site at: www.competethecircuit.com

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