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06.05.2010 - The Karate Kid is an upcoming 2010 martial arts film remake of the 1984 film of the same name. Directed by Harald Zwart, the remake stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Principal photography for the film took place in Beijing, China; filming began around July 2009 and ended on October 16, 2009. The Karate Kid will be released theatrically in the United States and the Philippines on June 11, 2010.

The red carpet premier here in the Philippines was held on June 5, 2010. The vieiwers reaction was widely recieved. Filipino celebrities where spotted seeing this movie, and surely will definitely entice viewers to see this with the rest of the family...

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Its not The Karate Kid that you know...

Previous notes in the pre-production of the film has been mentioned, that some elements of the 1984 film was used for the updated version. But not entirely a direct copy of the original film. Let's just say for example that the original film is the DVD and the new movie is the Blu Ray.

Its like seeing the original film but this one is on HD (High Definition). Though elements aside this movie stands out. Without any comparison to the original film this one had more than its enhancements with the story. Being a fan of the original films with the exception of The Next Karate Kid (which stars Kilary Swank) this one has set its own bench mark as one of the best remakes for this decade. Everything that you know of the original movie gets a big upgrade, and it was hyped up there you won't even bother about the title itself.

The tone of the movie could be a bit high with the violence, but it reminds you how it came to its own identity. This movie tells you a story about the stuggles, but you also get the drama too.

Jaden Smith is your Little Will Smith... On his own.

Seeing Jaden Smith on The Pursuit of Happyness he was a bit raw, but the kid has got his dad's traits and that Will Smith swagger. Plus he's got acting skills at the age of 11 years old. He's not Ralph Macchio, but Jaden's got the edge showing his acting chops.

He has matured from the last movie I've seen him, and he can hold on his own. Dre Parker got some skills and a lot of heart in this movie.

Mr. Han is entirely Jackie Chan.

Given respect to the late great Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi the man you know will still be known for the original. Jackie Chan's Mr. Han had a similar element, but the two men are completely different.

If Pat Morita would still be alive, I'm sure he has given blessings for Jackie on portraying his character. I'm a fan of both actors so I can't compare both men.

Jackie Chan showed some serious acting here. Not only the martial art moves or the kung fu, but his depth in acting. I haven't seen Jackie Chan in this perspective. In the previous American produced movies I rarely see him do scenes with emotion. This one had pulled all the stops. Mr. Han the character fits in the movie and Jackie just pushed it up there.

No Peter Cetera but you got Justin Bieber.

The original film had a trademark sound with Peter Cetera singing. But in this new decade you got Usher's discovery Justin Bieber teaming up with Jaden Smith for the theme song "Never Say Never" as part of the soundtrack. As talented as his father Jaden Smith raps and sings with Bieber.

Its a one two combination plus other songs in the soundtrack makes the movie not only looks better but sounds cooler.

The Verdict

Give this personal score for the movie a big TEN out of TEN. Though the movie was not entirely hyped. Because some people saying its not "The Karate Kid", but should be a "Kung Fu Kid" title. As Mr. Han said appearance can be deceiving, and I highly suggest you watch this movie. Its very much entertaining to the whole family.

Ohh... By the way let the credits rolling as behind the scene photos during the production of the film was shown.

Best film to start the Summer in the US, and highly suggest for kids to see before the start of school year here in the Philippines.

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