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06.10.2010 - Last June 2nd was suppose to get to the RX Studios of Monster Radio RX93.1, but unfortunately I arrived late. In which I wasn't able to see Phoemela Baranda during the celebrity confessions segment with Chico Garcia and Delamar's Morning Rush show.

So I wasn't able to see her being grilled by the RX jocks, and was stuck on the road while I listen helplessly. But the day wasn't an entire waste of effort. I hang out instead with Jude Rocha and Rico Robles on The Ride while sticking...

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A Cheeseburger sticker that Christi had given me to add to their Cheeseburger Wall, which was actually McDonald's campaign to raise 1 million pesos for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

Though officially you have to purchase a cheeseburger at any McDonald's branch, which entitles you to one sticker for you to post at their wall. The PhP 1.00 peso proceed goes to RHMC for the Bright Minds Read (BMR) program, McDonald's initiated campaign to help 100 public elementary schools to fight illiteracy.

Pretty neat campaign from McDonald's who already have the Happy Meal proceeds going to RHMC, which has been their project since the early 90s here in the Philippines.

As I look at the wall on RX 93.1's booth I see familiar stickers with names from listeners and office staff who had contributed. My name's on this wall too since I had a cheeseburger but never had that sticker.

I would like to be part of McDonald's campaign in the future. Its an awesome project and with school is about to open this is one campaign that would surely help the kids.

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