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06.04.2010 - It's only game one and already the Lakers are celebrating like its a sweep. The game was tight but let's give the benefit of the doubt the Celtics fought hard, and expect Sunday's (Monday in Manila) to be a bit entertaining as the the recent concluded game.

Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, Pau Gasol 23 points and 14 rebounds, and the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers makes the first strike in a 102-89 victory over Boston Celtics in Game 1 Thursday night (Friday morning in Manila)...

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In the sea of gold the Lakers hold home court advantage. Lots of personalities packed the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Filipino commentators representing Solar's BTV was high a top the big dome. This time around less tagalog, and it never sound like I was watching PBA. It was live and the commercials where all over TV, which unfortunately was not able commercial free at KFC Eastwood.

Paul Pierce scored 24 points and Kevin Garnett added 16 points after a slow start, but wasn't enough to stop the Lakers from claiming Game 1.

Ray Allen scored 12 points in just 27 minutes, and having difficult shots with Bryant guarding him while getting into fouled trouble in the first quarter. Ron Artest was a threat guarding Paul Pierce getting quick 5 points early in the game. This also gave them double technical fouls being tangled together.

Kobe Bryant has been trippled teamed and had a wide array of shots, which reminds us of someone that he emulates. Its scary enough that he can do those complicated shots like no other in this league, and it takes us to that comparison with that kind of elevation.

But most interesting match up to date since 2008 is Kevin Garnett versus Pau Gasol, since the Spaniard was branded soft. As Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers would agree this is where Pau Gasol should show up after being pounded in the 2008 Finals.

Though the outcome is Gasol had showed confidence, and becoming part of the team didn't slow him down in Game 1. It was a perspective great to watch this physical game. Expect Game 2 to see more rumble and tumble.

This is not over as some would say for any Celtics fan out there. Its quite true Phil Jackson is 47-0 opening Game 1 since coaching the Chicago Bulls. But you can't assume of judge that until the Boston Celtics answer back on Game 2 of The Finals.

Its one game and I don't want to see the series to end up pretty soon as a no contest. Here's hoping to see a Game 7.

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