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06.18.2010 - Beating the Odds is the latest book giving you the insight of the Mindanao Peace Process. Its an analytical close-up of policy making, and action-taking by a Philippines President under the the most challenging circumstances.

A fight through intensive research and study, the authors have been able to pain a portrait of leadership consolidated around six issues that stalked the Philippines at the turn of the century. This includes terrorism, the Mindanao peace process, the drug threat, the global emergence of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)...

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An attempted coup d'etat against the government and a hounding budget deficit. But Presidential leadership is not only about political battles. Its like taking the long view as the perception, and staying truth to your goals while hitting the target.

The book gives us the explanation about managing the politics and bureaucracy to get things done in a struggling nation such as the Philippines.

It gives us more clear story behind the scenes, that describes the events which has transpired. Though I'm not personally well adept with how things where run by the government and the president herself. But it gives us a bit of interest and a bit of concern about the politics and everything that has been done.

I see this book tells us about the challenges of the Arroyo administration, and how they took the criticism of the people. How they have stirred this country in-between the allegations, and its challenges towards the end of the President's term. The book dissects each chapter of each allegations and crisis that challenged the government.

It covers every aspect of concern how it was resolved and how we can understand to avoid the mistakes made before.

so I encourage the younger ones to pick this book, and see how the previous administration handles the pressure behind the scenes during those past years. Maybe we can pick something positive on what we can suggest to see in the next president and the new administration.

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