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05.09.2010 - Organic Rituals is a new and unique concept in the spa community that thrives to upgrade, reinvent, and refashion the ultimate spa experience. More than just a regular spa center, it's a lifestyle of environmental consciousness that also promote luxury, healthy atmospheres, and social awareness.

The delightful experience will surely take all that stress away. Living in the big city and having a tough day at work can make you feel weak in the knees.

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The solution is drop by Organic Rituals. Its where they provide not only a massage, manicure or spa, but the place makes you feel right at home. The Spa Massage Center has Earthly color feel that takes the relaxation more than the service they provide.

Not only they provide the regular service that you need in a Spa, but they also cater for you to be encouraged in organizing your own Spa Party. There are three packages they offer for you Spa party, but they don't have a minimum number of persons for sparties.

They choose the package and its up to them if they want each of their guest to get 1 service or get more than one.

There are several spa themes like Zen, Oriental, Mediterranean, and Continental. They also provide several massage services like the Dreamweaver, Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to name a few. They also have several services for hand and feet manicure as well as body treatments. For more details and pricing Organic Rituals is located at the mezzanine floor or Atlanta Center #31 Annapolis street in Greenhills, San Juan.

**Spa Party Packages are subject to change without prior notice.

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Ann said...

hi! nice seeing you at the event po... kaya lang I didn't get the chance to talk with you

pwede po pahiram (pa-copy) nung group pic? wla po kc ako copy

thank you

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