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05.29.2010 - The Philippine Fashion Week was the first fashion event I had attended, and so far the biggest show annually. Thanks to Yako Reyes for the invite, and it was a one of a kind treat.

Not only did Yako show off his creation but also with Jeffrey Rogador and Kermit Tesoro. A huge turn out has build up to this event featuring the Holiday Collection. Penshoppe also featured their own upcoming collection, and photographers where having a feast of good photos taken that night...

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Awesome night Penshoppe treated their guest to good food and fine wine. There was also an event earlier that day featuring famous celebrities most notably Piolo Pascual.

Not much familiar in the local fashion scene, but this was a chance of the lifetime to get my chance at taking fashion photography to the next level.

It was definitely a field day for an awesome photography for this year's Fashion Week...

Jeffrey Rogador Fashion

Kermit Tesoro Fashion

Yako Reyes Fashion

Overall the afternoon was an amazing view of art and fashion merged into one. The crowd was pleased and there's plenty of lookers in the convention center. what a perfect way to be pleased by these great designers.

This year's Philippine Fashion Week is unmatched with the annual attendees, and hoping to be invited on the next one. Its surely is one of the most awaited events that features a touch of class unlike no other.

The event ends tomorrow and it will really astound those who are into fashion.

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