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05.26.2010 - Wednesday was definitely awesome as DC Comics held a presscon ay Terry Selection at the basement level of The Podium promoting its year long 75th Anniversary. not only does DC Comics has plans for the entire year a lot of stuff will simultaneously happen globally.

The presscon mid-afternoon was overwhelming and for being a comic book fan its something we have been hoping to happen here in the Philippines. The guys from Collectibles Unlimited where there as well as people I know from toy and comic community...

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As well as from the blogging community and traditional media, where there to do coverage for this event. Anthony Pangilinan hosted the event and there was a video AVP of what to expect for this year's celebration.

Familiar friend friends from both toy and comics community was there. Old friends I haven't seen in a while and new friends who organized this event.

Definitely something to look at what everyone had missed during presscon could related to the images below...

DC Comics will be the main theme for this year's Toy Con as they will have special booths and exhibits set up for the fans to view and interact. Its gonna be something to stand in line, and see what's going to happen here in the Philippines.

Something we should be proud of that we are one of many countries, who will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics.

The special talk forum also highlighted the upcoming movies for 2011 and 2012 namely Green Lantern and the third Batman movie. Thanks to Cholo Mallillin of Collectibles Unlimited. He didn't forget to highlight the upcoming Jonah Hex movie (A DC Comics character), which will be shown on June 2010 as co-created by a Filipino none other than legendary Toni DeZuniga.

The crowd was pleased to hear upcoming events for this year's celebration. The shirts at the presscon was free for everyone one seated. They raffled off the DC Comic Encyclopedia to one lucky winner.

DC comic book fan RJ Ledesma almost missed the event when he arrived surprised, dazed and shock that he didn't knew about this presscon.

The real deal comic book fans stayed, and was there until they dismantled the large DC Comics wall that featured well famous characters. The organizers mentioned that you won't see this magnificent wall. The lucky people who purchase DC Comics merchandise will get the mini poster version.

The DC Comics 75th Anniversary is underway and be part of the celebration now!

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