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05.04.2010 - With the hype of Iron Man 2 is currently sweeping the globe Marvel.com is promoting one of the features of their website. For those comic book geeks out there, who wants to trying a hand in creating their own super heroes this must be your chance.

Marvel's site is offering you to create your own superhero. Its easy as you follow the guidelines and anyone can join in the fun and all you got to do is sign up...

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The registration is just for clarifications, but you can go ahead once you for to http://marvel.com/create_your_own_superhero page. Once you reach the main page you just click Begin. this will take you the first stage to chose one of the three types of base namely the normal male humanoid, the huge body, and the female figure.

After choosing the base type body it will take you to the part, where you can type the name of your superhero. Then chose a color and select to accessorize your chosen base figure with armors or costume of your choice.

Once you've done making revisions of your own superhero you have the option to print, save and download it.

Even a kid 12 old kid can make a cool superhero or villain. I just tried my hand on this one but sadly my only gripe is the accessories they give your are from the characters Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Thor.

For the female base figure option you'll be able to chose accessories from Elektra, Spider-Girl or Ms. Marvel or just like the male base figures you have the options to select the hero packs for each character.

Lastly when selecting the larger male base figure you'll be able to select accessories of The Hulk, Juggernaut, and Thing with the same options form the two previous options.

Though just for fun this will surely keep you out of boredom, and countless creative ideas will come to mind making your own superhero.

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