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05.20.2010 - Toy Story 3 is a month away and the actual toys are now being sold. But there are interesting merchandise also that would get your attention.

There are cool ones to name a few, but one particular product that didn't alluded me is the Buzz Lightyear magic straw. I got this sometime last month when I stumbled on a store in the basement level of SM Megamall...

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At first glance you won't be convinced that this is not an original product, but its the real deal down to the plastic that this was sold at the Disneyland Resort. You'd be surprised that this was sold only for PhP 25.00 pesos roughly fifty cents in US currency.

What caught my attention is Buzz Lightyear's pose holding two separate straws, which create's the effect for you to think how it works.

Convincing enough for kids to wonder how they do it. Though its fun to see kids have their curiosity on this one. It looked like not original but copyright underneath Buzz foot would seal that approval.

So if you want to show your friends how cool this magic straw on the screening day of Toys Story grab one at SM Megamall's sale booths.

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