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Apr 25, 2010

Snack at Sonyda!

04.25.2010 - Late last night went straight to Robinsons Galleria to meet up with a friend, and hang out with her colleague from work. Originally the meet up was at Gloria Jeans, which eventually was moved to the foodcourt.

Little to my knowledge we're just gonna plan for this Saturday's special project. It turned out to be an evening of snack attack at Sonyda, and I thought this was one of those food events...

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Anyways just to share you the food we had at Sonyda last night. This reminds me about the fishball stand that's parked nearby SaGuijo during late afternoons...

Outrageous food trippings last night with the girls, and I'll be seeing them again next Saturday for a special project. Possibly another food crazed adventure?

Sondya is located at the Robinsons Galleria foodcourt.

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