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04.18.2010 - iblog 6 this year's blog summit has been one successful ride for every aspiring Filipino blogger. though I admit was late and missed the first day that began on April 16th. It was a bowl of education and entertainment how the community has grown this past year.

I've been part of the community that has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to expand everyday. Meeting new faces characters from the transparent to the the real deal. The blogging community has become a different world apart from the norms...

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I've been wanting to attend these kinds of events since last year, and I wasn't able to do so with conflicting schedules at work. Now that I have immersed myself in the the blogging community full time I had learned and gained more how social media works. Though knowing my stubbornness I should get my bee-hind moving to improve myself from the past cycle I have known about blogging.

Congratulations to my good friend Janette Toral for this success, and this would be one of my annual events I highly recommend to attend. This goes out for those aspiring bloggers out there, who are just starting their interest to write.

Anyways I can't wait on the next iblog. For now here's a few of those photos taken from day two of iblog 6...

So many happenings around at the recent iblog 6, and some are entertaining like the UP group of singers to the eye catching such as Jane U's first hands-on try on the new Apple ipad. Meeting my high school batch mate who now works a Wi-Tribe. Seeing old faces and meeting new ones as well.

The talks that awaken the crowd, where Batang Baler how everyone wants now to go to Baler. Earlier talks about photo blogging thanks to Juned Sonido. One highlight I want to try is utilizing SEO for my blog, which was a learning experience and a nosebleed all captured on a 20 minutes of video.

If anyone who has been into blogging, and haven't attended the event to learn more about it you can log in to http://blogph.org for further details.

See you all next year!

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janettetoral.com said...

Great to see you Mark!

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