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04.28.2010 - During one of the events today while waiting for the actual lunch set up. The organizers had asked all of us to just have the appetizer or snack first. I rarely take photos of the food they serve, but this one was no exception. Having a good conversation while getting into each plate is a multitasking experience.

Its funny how interesting the conversation was about, but I'm surely not the pleasant one to discuss while indulging good food on the table. So far my thoughts linger while my eyes was on those fantastic set ups...

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So much distraction that I want to stare at how the food was being presented. Out of a bad stomach virus I had yesterday, this was a bit of a welcoming experience to take notice about.

Impressive enough I kept shooting away from the food, while distractions conversation on the latest happenings around. Anyways here is another set of those food photography, that I was not expecting to be this hunger defying. Indeed I should stop myself from going to these events, that had buffet on them but you'll be the judge of that how this thing turned out...

Again for those who are trying to avoid indulging themselves, maybe you should appreciate seeing these images from a far. Its not a pleasing experience trying not to be tempted, while having a fitness regimen to loose more wait.

Though this one is not a cake walk its really a sin to be tempted, and its a lie to deny how good when it has that pleasing smell.

Hey its just a food for thought.

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