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04.19.2010 - Coors Light is giving away a ticket to watch the NBA Finals live in June 2010, and you can also get a chance to win NBA/Coors Light premium items each time you buy a six bottles or a six pack of Coors!

Visit www.coorslight.com.ph for more details on the on-ground promo and become a fan of Coors Light PH to be the first to know about the Facebook promo to be launched in April...

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Get a chance to win a trip to the USA and watch
the Finals
with Coors Light, the official beer partner of the NBA!

Join the Coors Light NBA 3-Point Play and get the chance to win cool and exciting prizes! All you have to do is buy 6 bottles or a six-pack of Coors Light, and you'll instantly have 3 ways of joining the promo!

1. Join the Raffle Promo and get a chance to fly to the US for the NBA finals.
2. Join the Scratch Card Promo and win cool NBA memorabilia.
3. Join the Online Game Promo and win Coors Light and NBA premium items. (coming soon this April!)

Reinvent the way you enjoy cold refreshment! Try Coors Light beer and see how it brings you to a cool and light journey!

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