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04.26.2010 - The Losers is the latest action film by Warner Bros. which had its recent advance screening at the Glorietta 4 cinema 1. The theater was packed with viewers anticipating its movie feature. Few where unknown about The Losers being a comic book published by DC Comics' Vertigo publication sometime in 2003. Though nobody see the light that the comic book was cancelled in 2006 after 32 issues.

Vertigo has other well known titles that got a chance to be in the big screen like Tank Girl, and Hellblazer which featured Keannu Reeves in the title role of John Constantine.

There are hits like Hellblazer and there are misses like the virtual unknown Tank Girl few would say The Losers are going to lose it...

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There are comics that never had better translations to the big screen. But anyone care to give The Losers a chance it would warm up to you. Its like you've seen it before in another form. Some people would compare this movie to the upcoming 80s TV revival the A-Team that will be shown in July 2010.

A friend once invited a couple of his close buddies, but a lot where turning him down on The Losers because they looked like the A-Team.

For the heck of comparison The Losers is way different. Its something you should see to believe it. If you haven't read the comics your in luck to see a page preview courtesy of Vertigo.

The movie takes a few elements from its first story arc, The Goliath. But leaves everyone in the dark in the conclusion and Roque is different here.

Currently DC Comics' Vertigo has release the first two volumes that compiles 32 issues of The Losers which can be available at comics shop Comic Odyssey or book shop namely Fully Booked. For more of the first issue you can download it HERE!

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