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04.10.2010 - CockTales Desserts Restaurant had launched the best desserts of summer! Indeed it was mouth watering dishes and desserts served by CockTales: Desserts like no other which is located at the 5th level nearby Atrium of SM Megamall. Fellow bloggers had a food group tour and was excited to try the desserts like the Mango Banana Rama and had a sip of that Bloody Mary Spiked!

CockTales Desserts is one place you should try to stop by when your at SM Megamall. There was more fun with not only having the experience to taste the food nad dishes, but also food photography!

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I got to taste their curry with rice meal as well as that spiked out Bloody Mary with water melon on top. Not only Cocktales is known for desserts they are serving main dishes like Chicken Curry which the one I had. They also have Pork Asado, Pork Mushroom, and Pastas.

Don't forget to try their drinks or smoothies just like the Bloody Mary that still leaves a memory on my tastes buds. You can upgrade and "SPIKE" on it.

Special thanks to the food organizers and Cocktales where desserts served like no other!

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