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04.09.2010 - CANON Marketing Philippines, Inc.launched the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series, a new range of intelligent document imaging devices that blends hardware, software, and strategic services to help businesses advance in today's demanding markets.

This dynamic new series draws on the long heritage of CANON's award-winning imageRUNNER product line for large-sized and medium-sized corporations...

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CANON started out in 1937 with the vision to make the best camera for the world. By 1970 they introduced the Np copier line which features stand-alone copiers. They followed up with the Gp line introduced in the 90s, which boasts of scanning, faxing, and printing capabilities in one machine.


The new ADVANCE series, a new generation of CANON multifunctional device (MFD), is designed to meet the evolving needs of today's users by enhancing work efficiency and security while helping manage and customize workflows for better operational performance. A truly advance business partner!

There where a lot of features demonstrated on the event launch, but not to go in superb detail. One features that captured everyone's attention is the quick scan of an image with text. Once scanned on your desktop or laptop the image and text can be separated.

Advanced Security

One definite feature that any corporation or company would benefit in using the latest imageRUNNER ADVANCE is the multi-protection system. It offers improved document security by introducing the highly secure Adobe Live Cycle Rights Management ES, a system that provides controlled access to scanned PDF documents. Users can assign fully editable, or printing - to policy-protected PDF files with a preset password.

The policy can also control access periods, disable the print-screen function, and add a secure watermark to printed documents to protect critical business data. The Advanced Document Scan Lock can likewise embed hidden password in a hard copy document and restrict unauthorized copying or scanning of that particular document. All these features provide a powerful new level of security for confidential documents.

The Green Copy Machine

Not only the new imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series gives you the benefits of security it has committed to the environment and the advancementof green technologiesin every phase of the product life cycle. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE models are designed to be the smallest and lightest in their class, and are the first CANON devices to make use of 100% combined bio-plastic and recycled plastic parts.

By examining every stage of the manufacturing, energy use, and logistics processes, the new series is expected to reduce CO2 emission by over 30% compared to previous models. Meeting and achieving the ENERGY STAR standards, the new series achieves up to 75% reduction in overall power consumption by using a white LED array intead of standard Xenon tubes.

CANON also uses its Proprietary Image Sensor technology versus traditional CCD sensors and uses new fusing technologies that reduce power consumption to as low as 1W in Sleep Mode. With these eco-friendly credentials, there can be no doubt that the imageRUNNER ADVANCE is one of the market's most energy-efficient multifunctional printers.

The CANON imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series is designed to address the ever-growing needs of users, administrators, and business decision-makers to better manage and customize workflows while also accomplishing more tasks in less time and achieving higher levels of quality. True to its name, it is an advanced business partner for a new era of productivity, efficiency, and security.

The CANON imageRUNNER ADVANCE comes in a number of models, namely C9075 PRO, C9065 PRO, C5051, C5035, and C5030.


Canon Inc. is a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions. It is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits 10% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon has consistently remained as one of the top 3 companies to have earned the most number of patents over the last decade. Since 1993, Canon continues to be ranked as one of the world's largest corporations by the Fortune Global 500 Ranking.

Guided by its kyosei philosophy, which focuses on "living and working together for the common good," Canon delivers high-performance and user-friendly products and solutions to improve efficiency both in the office and home environment.

Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc. has been delighting Filipinos for over 10 years. It id currently ranked as 375 among the Top 50000 Corporations. More information is available at CANON.com.ph

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