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03.25.2010 - Spell it like you say it. In a business sense time is money, make it short simple use of abbreviations to convey your thoughts as quickly as possible. The best way to send the message is to shorten your spelling by removing "unspoken" letters.

For example, saying "Great presentation today! Can you send me a copy before the end of the day? Thanks!" could be shortened as: "GR8 pres 2day! Send a copy by EOD? tx". Start by simplifying a word or two and your speed will quickly increase.

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In the Philippines text messaging has been part of our daily life, since the dawn of prepaid. You can say that the Philippines is the text capital of the world and Canada is just following suit recently. But when it comes to text abbreviations we don't have a uniformed material to convey shorten words. I admit I stopped sending abbreviated messages as it became a habit for me to send a complete sentence rather shorten it.

Working in a contact center where handling calls for a well-known telecom company in Canada. I have become to learn about their text messaging is so backward.

It felt like it was back 1999 when the Philippines was about to learn text messaging. But what caught my interest in the growth, that they are going through they already set things well-prepaired. So they started making their own abbreviations to make sure everyone is in the right page.

These are sample abbreviations to get you started, here's a list of common text abbreviations for personal or business:

• AFAIK As far as I know
• ASAP As soon as possible
• BRB Be Right Back
• BTW By The Way
• CLM Career Limiting Move
• EOD End Of Day
• FYI For Your Information
• KISS Keep It short and simple
• LOL Laugh out loud
• NRN No Reply Necessary
• NWR Not Work Related
• NSFW Not safe for work
• OIC "Oh, I see"
• OTP On The Phone
• P&C Private & Confidential
• QQ Quick Question
• TIA Thanks In Advance
• TTYL Talk to you later!
• TX Thanks!
• WTG Way To Go!
• Y Why?
• YW You're Welcome
• ??? I don't get it - explain

How about you and your business? Do you have a tip or abbreviation that works well in your business?

Special thanks to Peter Harti of Telus Talks Business, where his original entry was posted HERE.

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