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Mar 11, 2010

Package Received.

03.11.2010 - The package has a arrived from Bloomingdale Illinois. Its from my uncle who mentioned that he'll be sending to me two weeks ago, which was dated sent on February 23rd. I just picked it up early this afternoon and was excited about it. So what's in the white wrapped envelope?

There's magazines from Time, People, Rolling Stones, American Photo and Mad was packaged along with the latest issue of Sports Illustrated swim suit edition. I hardly don't miss this one as I get it every year. The other special that came with the package is a license Glow in the dark Avatar shirt. Enough to brag about at work during night shifts.

Seriously there's no Avatar merchandise sold here when the movie came out. Its already earned millions in the box office as its still being shown in selected theaters.

Thanks to my uncle for these stuff, specially the Avatar shirt. I'm going to wear this one on my Friday shift. Most definitely.

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