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03.18.2010 - Since Neil Gaiman's arrival in 2005 I've been nearly there for all the days he stayed in the Philippines. I've been shall we say a devoted fan. Though not entirely die hard to have all his books collected or signed, but was fortunate enough to have the chance to shake his hand or have chit chat with the dream master himself. Though he won't remember me unlike Azrael Coladilla, who's blog Neil Gaiman had linked to his recent entry HERE. I never stop to broadcast or do a coverage of him since then.

Who would have forgotten those days in 2005, where I had my First Day Disappointments when I never had the chance to get my books signed. It was a Hysteric Madness lining up late in the afternoon...

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Those where the days in 2005, where it was a better Experience in 2007. I wasn't there to line up but to do a blog coverage, and get the chance to hangout with him during dinner. Of course had to accomplished the mission to give him a copy of Gerry Alangulan's Elmer comics which he so fascinated about.

For this year's revelation seeing new and familiar faces. Friends in the local comics industry like Gerry Alanguilan, Arnold Arre, and his lovely wife Cynthia Arre. Not to forget Manuel "Mannix" Abrera who's been all around not knowing he'll be one of the finalist to step on stage as part of the winners.

Seeing fresh new talent like Irene Carolina Sarmiento for her submission Filipina: The Super Maid for the prose category winning it. I can't wait to pick up the book compilation at Fully Booked to read about the winning entry. The event was hosted by my good friend and Monster Radio RX93.1's Gelli Victor who has been on the spot light that night.

Though I didn't stay that long since duty from work calls I have to leave. Looking forward to seeing the man again, but due to busy schedule it might not be possible. But seeing him again during press conference and last night's awarding ceremony it was like 2005 and 2007 all over again and it was a definite revelations for everyone.

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