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03.02.2010 - A few days after Michael Jordan bought the Charlotte Bobcats from Bob Johnson seeing him do shoot around, and playing HORSE with rookie Gerald Henderson is something different with the Managing Member of Basketball Operations. The Six-time NBA champion and Five-time League MVP is stepping into a different role, that of the owner of an NBA team.

Gerald Henderson’s shootaround did not go exactly as expected prior to the Bobcats game against Dallas on March 1, 2010. Following shootaround, the Bobcats rookie took on MJ in two games of HORSE. Seeing vintage Jordan all over again a real classic as Gerald Anderson takes on the greatest player of all time...

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Going one on one with Bobcats rookie Gerald Henderson on the first attempt.

Second round MJ started to get hot, but was not enough to beat Gerald Henderson.

Gerald Anderson's last word after playing shoot around with Michael Jordan.

Photo and videos courtesy of Bobcatsbreak.com

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