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03.21.2010 - When you run its a different urge of force to bring yourself into the direction you wanted to be. Running on a treadmill simulates the same sensation, but your on a stationary level. Last night was an adidas event promoting their latest device for runners.

Namely the micoach an interactive training system which guides you to speed up or slow down by tracking heart rate, pace, distance, and stride rate. An interesting device that was up for grabs...

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The adidas micoach is quite a catch if you win and go the distance on a treadmill.
Signing up for it was not an idea, but I was there to try and get in shape. Walking everyday is not an exercise to get in shape, but it does help to at least have a regular work out.

Running on a treadmill was a thing of the past. I used to jump and try it at the old place back then. Unlike the treadmill we used to have, which is not really motorized. It was like using the pedals of a bicycle, and you have to simulate "the running" by manually doing it with your own power.

For 10 minutes it felt like 10 hours on a treadmill. Running from the lowest setting to the highest that I could was really a challenge. I'm not gunning to win the micoach, but it really gave me something in return...

A serious need to do a workout to shed the pound i gained from work.

The event was hosted by good friend Rico Robles from RX93.1 the other half of The Ride with Jude rocha.

Though I wasn't on time to arrive in the beginning of the festivities, but my mind was already set for the run. Originally I thought there was going to be a sort of jog around the venue. Eventually I found out it later that night, that I'll be running on a treadmill. Which is good and second I missed having that experience in a long time.

Second to the last participant there was nothing left to lose, but to let those leg muscles move for a stretch. Seating so bad my thighs where really hurting from all the running, but it was a rewarding experience to run on a stationary machine. I surely need a work out after all this stress.

A serious work out must means taking it to the account the dedication. Its been a while since I had a fitness regiment. All I do back then was hop on the treadmilll or either set my PlayStation attaching the dance pad for a game of Dance Dance Revolution.

After 10 minutes running I was handed a bottle of Gatorade to supplement the liquid I lost from all that ten minute run. Nothing beats the quencher after getting your body a wake up call.

The next and contestant was Arvin Ello, and he's already asking for a bottle of Gatorade. Arvin was competitive and wants to win the MiCoach gear. He already throttled up the machine for him to run a top speed of eleven.

Running in the treadmill the maximum a regular runner can do is up to six, but it depends on how well you want yourself to push yourself. For the next few minutes he was okay smiling and joking. Until the last few minutes you could notice how red his face was. Arvin wants to push himself to the point it was a scare for me to see how driven he was.

But in the end he was almost got dragged by the machine. There where a lot of people in the venue who would take notice. In the end the winner would turn out to be an actual runner.

Final stage announcements was not done by Rico Robles, but one of the organizers of the event. It was great the hard working runners and sports buff went up the stage. The only female who signed up to compete was model/blogger Noelle De Guzman aka The Kikay Runner.

Special thanks to adidas, Greenbulb, and RunnerR for promoting the product as well as bringing the event.

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