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02.14.2010 - Lead the Change 2010 an event organized by The Knowledge Channel which continues in its mission of teaching and reaching more Filipinos through educational television and online learning, the Foundation is embarking on a first-of-a kind event this coming February 17th at the Rockwell Tent. Its a gathering of the country's movers and shakers who will participate in an evening of discussion for action on how to move the Philippines forward.

The event has Ms. Peggy Dulany Rockefeller, founder of the Global Philanthropists Circle and Synergos Institute as its special guest of honor. Synergos, which was launched in 1987 is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to creating effective, sustainable and locally based solutions to poverty...

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Together with Rina Lopez Bautista, President of the Knowledge Channel "anticipates attendance by some of the most high-profile business, diplomatic and public officials actively contributing ideas on how to best meet 21st century challenges in the arenas of education, environment, health, governance, population and peace."

Lead the Change 2010 enable more collaboration for basic education that is purposive in addressing the key drivers of poverty reduction: education, health, population, governance, environment, and peace. Oscar M. Lopez, Chair of the Lopez Group of Companies and Chair of the Knowledge Channel Foundation is expected to deliver an inspirational message.

With a growing population of 20 million children in public schools nationwide, government resources have remained inadequate to provide quality eduction. Many students are unable to learn sufficiently, and many are also dropping out. Some ending the streets and joining some of the violent street gangs. But through media and technology, we can teach more students, and we can help them finish school. Together, we can connect 40,000 more schools to Knowledge Channel.

We can produce more instructional programs to improve English, Math and Science. We can provide wider learning opportunities through the internet, and we can enjoin more stakeholders in our efforts.Together, we can bring the gift of knowledge to our children today. Take a step with us and Help provide a public school with Knowledge Channel. Take a step for education.

About Dr. Peggy Dulany Rockefeller, Philanthropist the fourth child of American banker and statesman David Rockefeller, was described as having “always wanted to fight poverty.” After getting a doctorate in education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, the Radcliffe honors graduate went on to run an alternative high school in Boston.

In the 1980s, Dulany Rockefeller formally started her career in social work and philanthropy through an organization founded by her father, the New York City Partnership, which links corporations and government in “philanthropic projects like youth employment and low-income housing.”

Since its founding in 1987, the New York-based group has worked with partners in more than 30 countries and regions. Synergos “addresses global poverty and social injustice by supporting and connecting leaders so they can work in collaboration to change the systems that keep people in poverty.”

Aside from her work with Synergos, Dulany Rockefeller has served on more than 30 nonprofit and corporate boards, including the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Africa-America Institute. She has also had a long association with the United Nations, working with the organization particularly on health care- and family planning-related endeavors.

Previously back in 2005 Dulany Rockefeller was in Manila when she led delegates of the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) to visit the CSR projects of GPC member families, including the Lopezes. GPC is a program under Synergos that works with "leading philanthropic families from across the world committed to using their time, influence and resources to fight global poverty and social injustice." Dulany Rockefeller and father co-founded it in 2001, who also is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller clan.

The GPC members, with the arrival of of Dulany Rockefeller to Manila, the Lopez family, Synergos senior fellows and friends. Dulany Rockefeller will also visit a school connected to the Knowledge Channel and relocation site of Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog in Pasig. On her last day in Manila, she will meet with participants of the Building Bridges Leadership Journey workshop, which was attended by young, high potential leaders from different sectors of society.


This is to give you an idea how much does it cost to connect a public school to Knowledge Channel and encourage the public / community to donate or support:

1. Cable-A-School Sponsorship:
around P100,000 per public school for cable-able schools
around P150,000 per public school for remote schools with satellite dishes

These sponsorships to provide KCh to public schools are inclusive of the following:
- a 29" TV set
- a satellite dish and digital receiver for remote schools
- support services: teacher and adminstrators training workshop-seminars on "TV-Assisted Instruction", semestral KCh Progam guides, regular monitoring

2. Sponsor a Program:
around P350,000* per 20-minute TV episode and online learning materials

This sponsorship involves the production of a 20-minute television program in Math, Science or English for high school to be aired regularly over the Knowledge Channel, a web-based quiz and game to match the TV episode, learning links and an online exchange forum to deepen learning of students.

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