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02.12.2010 - Adidas, the iconic sportswear brand, launches the third series of the much-coveted Philippine Range collection. Continuing in the success of the Philippine Range track tops, which debuted in October 2007 and was re-released in March 2008, Adidas presents the latest incarnation of the patriotic line, which now features track tops, T-shirts, and bags.

Available this month, the Philippine Range collection features the iconic colors of the Philippine flag—blue, red, white, and touches of yellow—rendered in color blocks for a premium performance look.

In the new jacket, alternating colors are presented in diagonal blocks, giving the apparel the notion of movement. New to the collection, the track top also features a stylized Philippine seal drawn inside a brilliant sun on its back. Tiny details, reminiscent of the flag, are also found on the bottom right of the jacket, where three stars and a sun lie near the vertical pocket opening. On the other side, the letters PH are stitched in yellow...

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The unmistakable Adidas three-stripes, running down each sleeve, finish off the design of the Adidas Philippine Range track top. Complementing the premium jackets, the round-neck T-shirts and messenger-style bags feature the same clean lines and design elements. Part of the training range of the Adidas sports performance line, the Philippine Range is meant for street style and active play.

While all adidas products are exclusively designed in Germany, the Philippine Range has been conceptualized in the country. “Adidas Global is very excited about the Philippine Range since it really is one of a kind,” says Pam So-Suarez, head of go-to-market, Adidas Philippines, who also shares that no other country has had a similar line of patriotic merchandise. She continues, “With the new Adidas Philippine Range, we want Filipinos to feel proud of their heritage.”

Celebrities, sport stars, and personalities express local pride through the new Adidas Philippine Range. “There are a million reasons why people say they’re proud to be Filipino. I think that being Filipino is being proud to be one wherever you go. In whatever we’re doing or in whatever field, we hold our head up high as Filipinos. We’re proud to express ourselves!” declares TV host Drei Felix.

Erwin Armovit, guitarist of Sponge Cola, explores the same idea. For him, Filipinos have a shared notion of national pride. “We have a very different sense of national pride. It’s an eagerness to express the national identity that we all feel. We’re just so excited and proud of being a Filipino that we take every opportunity to express it in every possible way,” he declares.

Local pride is also expressed through the innate talent that Filipinos have. Radio jock Gelli Victor says, “Filipinos are naturally talented especially in the arts. You come across amazing dancers who win hip-hop championships in the US. You’ve also got amazing talents in terms of singing! We’re just naturally gifted.

Drei concurs, “I could cite a lot of people who represent our country—Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda in entertainment or Manny Pacquiao in boxing. They’re really proud to express themselves. Filipinos are never shy away from challenges or opportunities.

Apart from world-class skills, Gelli also highlights the Filipino’s great passion for life. “You can watch disasters on TV and when you see Filipinos, they’re waving and smiling. The minute the cameras are on, they got their game face on, smiling despite of what they’re going through,” she says.

TV host Lia Cruz touches on this bright happiness, as well. “We’re the warmest, friendliest people that you can probably come across. We’re so resilient! Living in a country that faces adversity time and time again, we still manage to get through, smiling and singing and laughing while were at it,” she says. “You’ll never find the smile of the Pinoy anywhere else in the world!

Others celebrities who show their love for the country through the Adidas Philippine Range include actors John Lloyd Cruz, Iza Calzado, Maja Salvador, and Karylle, basketball stars Chris Tiu, Enrico Villanueva, Coach Ronnie Magsanoc, and Coach Ryan Gregorio, and radio jocks Slick Rick, Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Fran Tobias.

This April, Adidas also releases a new set of Philippine Range apparel, featuring the classic combination of black and gold and white and silver.

The Adidas Philippine Range is available at Adidas stores nationwide. For more information, join the Adidas Philippines fan page in facebook.com.

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