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01.10.2010 - I had to admit I can't resist the dark side of being into Star Wars, but the force is strong in me for being a Star Trek fan through the years. Though for being a fan of Yoda and Darth Vader has given me the soft spot at taking a look at what's the latest trend at Luke Skywalker's new kicks. The cast of characters of this most storied franchise has hit it again.

When it comes to merchandise loyalty I've been wearing what Michael Jordan is wearing, and the last time I have worn an Adidas was back in grade school. Those pure white pair of kicks brings me back to those days. Those where tough shoes back then which are too simple, but to see Adidas and Star Wars mash up is something worth taking a second looking at...

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Its a marriage of two worlds when you talk about Adidas and Star Wars. Something of a collaboration that would really make head turns. Just imagine wearing Yoda's shoes or getting to brag about wearing that Darth Vader jacket will definitely make everyone go crazy like a wookie.

to start the year 2010 for those who's crazy about Star Wars and want to wear them everyday. This must be the year for you to be part of a galaxy far far away. And I do mean wearing it with pride, but as for me I'm wearing it with fandom appreciation.

So far these are my favorites to look at... Hopefully owning at least a pair just to be different off from work. Special thanks to Plus81 where these images where first appeared.

For more about the Adidas Originals see the site HERE!

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