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12.18.2009 - This Christmas season if haven't figure out what present to give to your friends, relatives or love ones maybe Regalo Service got the stuff your looking for.

So here's a top ten of Christmas Wish List suggestions in no particular order. But before I give you those ten stuff. I found to my surprise a lot of interesting things at Regalo Service and most of them are those cool gadgets...

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There's lots of stuff you can buy online through Regalo Service mostly for the upcoming Christmas or preparation for the new year. They have something for each and every Filipino. Spevially balikbayan relatives and love ones. So here are the top ten essentials you can find at Regalo Service website...

Noche Buena is on top of the list of orders this coming Christmas and New Year. Its sometimes the most sold out in supermarkets. To save you time and travel the best place to get it is online.

If this your first time to try and buy one before Christmas. You might consider convenience to purchase one without leaving home.

Aiptek Digicam clearly the most suggested electronic sold at Regalo Service and Aiptek has established itself as a consumer electronic necessity.

The brand has established itself for the masses as one alternative product, that highly suggest in terms its durability and convenience. If your not one of those brand conscious and just looking to shop for a simple digital camera, maybe this one is for looking at it as a Christmas present.

4-in-1 Rice Cooker is great Christmas gift for your mom or a great time shop for a rice cooker in preparation for the holidays.

You may not know this may come in handy for those times you have to prepare for something big like this Christmas. Its the next best thing if your gonna cook something aside from rice, since its a 4 in 1 It's a rice cooker, a warmer, a steamer and can even be used for shabu-shabu!

Santa's Gift for Cute Babies a perfect gift for the little ones or for that special someone, who loves adorable stuff toys. This might something really looking forward as a best seller at Regalo Service.

Be a Santa to your favorite baby with this adorable gift. A best seller that might be sold out very soon this Christmas.

Samba by Cora M. Laglagarona who created this simple masterpiece. A gift for someone who is into painting and a perfect time for the Christmas season.

It would be ironic too as Samba seems to be perfect gift, since its time for Simbang Gabi a Filipino tradition to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ.

Cooking in Spain by Janet Mendel More than 400 great Spanish recipes! Paella, Tapas, Zarzuela, Cocido and some of the world's most interesting preparations for seafood, meat and vegetables…they're all in this book.

A perfect gift to mom or to grandma this Christmas, since the holiday season is coming. Maybe something different to serving food on the table with a little Spanish movement and food for the heart.

Cheer-up-Smile! Bouquet
is a nice gift to cheer up some of our close friends, who won't be able to spend Christmas with there love ones. Its a simple thing to making them smile through this holiday season and not only that... It makes them feel special for any special occasion.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who receives this candy and balloon arrangement.
An arrangement of Hershey Mallow Blast on a native basket with Smiley balloons.

Gift Set - Lotus Tea Light Holders
Set of 4 Lotus Tea Light Holder to set the zen-like ambiance in any room. a great gift for those who likes to decorate there place with perfect harmony/

One of the best selling products for your home and you can only buy it at Regalo Service!

Pasko Na! is an 18 track album most highly suggested and best seller for this Christmas season. You won't miss this good Filipino music specially just to keep the holiday spirit in the background.

All music composed in Tagalog to make the Filipino Christmas feel not only in terms of how you celebrate it, but a great gift to fellow kababayan based outside the country to make them feel at home this holiday season.

Promdi Deli Natural Sweetener Collection a little description says... Sweet and healthy. A welcome gift to any health buff, this collection of sweeteners is composed of Green Honey, Golden Honey and Coconut Sap Sweetener packed in an attractive bamboo container.

Something Filipino for every baikbayan health aficionados out there, who would like to munch on native products with healthful benefits. This might be a good suggestion to try it.

Not in order or categorized as what I see as highly suggested products you can purchase at Regalo Service, and surely a beneficial without going through all the hassle of shopping physically. Beating the traffic and standing in line going online at Regalo Service is the next best thing this Christmas.

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