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10.20.2009 - Monster Radio RX93.1: Manila's Hottest! announced earlier this morning, that Red Ribbon will be serving White cake in the RX booth. This was during Chico and Delle's show The Morning Rush at about 9:30AM when it was announced.

It was kinda a self dare that I can get there to have a slice of that white cake, which I missed when Red Ribbon had a formal launch last September 17th. I left the house at 10AM riding the bus instead of the MRT.

The ride was not a smooth one as I have to go through Ayala avenue traffic, which was pretty much bumper to bumper.

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But compared to the late afternoon traffic this was more manageable trip. The ride was a bit bumpy as I have to go through the traffic, which was pretty much clogging the road going there.

Currently that time Jude Rocha and Gelli Victor was on-air for The Ride. I haven't been to the RX booth since 2008, and that was the time I claimed my free tickets for the advance screening of Speed Racer last May.

So there was I going down at SM Megamall and running towards the station on foot. Its been a while since I've seen the jocks I met back in the 90's, when I was part of the original batch of student jocks for the show Radio1.

I was able to reach Strata 2000 taking the lift. I was sweating and huffing my way to the reception area, where Charlie was just seated in the front desk.

The unnamed guy (I'm sorry not good with new faces associated with his name) waiting along escorted me to the RX booth when I saw Chico, Delle, Jude, Gelli, and Raffy Reyes was just there.

Chico and Delle where about to leave and I was not able to chat with them, but they said their hellos. They still remember and called my name, though they to have leave immediately. I've been tuned in to the Morning Rush show ever since.

Raffy Reyes offered me a plate with the slice of the Red Ribbon's white cake. I finally had my fill of that cake, which I missed a month ago during the launch.

I stayed until 1PM where The Ride ended then followed with Louie D & Cristy's Daily Survey. I was hanging out with Jude & Gelli, who was very much accommodating. I haven't seen Gelli for sometime too, and that was in 2007 when my buddy JoeShred invited me to hang out during Chico & Delle's show.

Many people followed after me to get that tasteful treat from Red Ribbon. They served boxes of cake and ended at 11:30AM. Mostly stayed just to hang out with the present jocks on-air until the last hour of the show.

I got home at about 2PM and pretty much fulfilled wanting to go to the station. I've been missing to go so many times, but this one as they say... Takes the cake.

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