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10.30.2009 - I won't be able to attend the Halloween Charity Ball at Gillies Island Tomas Morato, since I didn't get to win tickets. My budget is not enough to get me in the party. As I was digging up some archives I just happen to unearthed a couple of photos from the old RX Halloween Party in 1997.

Back then Boom Gonzales was part of the air-staff of RX93.1 now currently with Magic 89.9 FM. This was during my Radio1 years with Bugsy Del Rosario and the rest of the gang...

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I'm hardly unrecognizable back then, since I'm more of light weight back then. This was my fourth year in college. As I recall the Halloween party was held somewhere in Makati nearby the cemetery.

I remember borrowing the overhauls from dad, and bought a toilet plunger at Landmark on the same night I went to the party. I had this idea going as Luigi the brother of Mario from that Nintendo video game.

I guess it was a failed attempt ending up as a unknown plumber in a purple cap. Funny how I kept these photos. Seeing Raffy Reyes dressed in make up in a black outfit. Boom didn't wear anything, but Cris Otero in white with Bugsy in her Hawaiian outfit.

Gotta miss the old days where things where simpler. Best for everyone at tonight's party. I'll just keep in tune for the festivities. Happy Halloween everyone.

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