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10.23.2009 - Last night was the launch for RJ Ledesma's book I Do of I Die, which was the follow-up of Lies my Yaya Should have told Me. It was launched at National Bookstore Glorietta 5, where the place was packed with guests and attendees

Being a show man RJ was on the floor to speak about his latest book, and had a very informative speech. Talks about how this book can make your married life interesting.

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Arriving when he started speaking, but I left immediately due to some pressing personal matters. I was able to return just to have my own book signed thanks to Alvin and Monique who where still there.

though I was too late for the festivities of the book launch. I was able to had quick chat with RJ Ledesma. Its been a while since I last saw the man. Back in college days I only see him in comic shops, where we just have a casual conversation regarding he latest comics the interests him.

Today that comic book geek has grown to a proud parent to a baby girl, and has successfully released his second book. What more can I guy ask for, aside from being known as Joey in those old soda commercials.

I got to read a few pages of the book and its indeed funny. This book has potential, that follows up from Lies my Yaya Should have told Me (admittedly I haven't read about this one). I'll grab that too soon for now get your laughs with I Do or I die.

RJ Ledesma did get married in real life. He also got married last night... To a potato head.

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