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10.28.2009 - Nuffnang will give your readers a chance to win a 1000 pesos Ayala EGC from OVI by Nokia!

The contest is simple and easy to join. All you have to do is sign up an OVI account, and send your details to each email designated to your blog's category.

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If you’re a food blogger…

We invite you to share your best food discOVIry to fooddiscOVIry@ovi.com.

If you’re a fashion/beauty blogger…

We invite you to share your best fashion/beauty discOVIry to fashiondiscOVIry@ovi.com.

If you’re a tech blogger…

We invite you to share your best tech/gadget/game discOVIry to techdiscOVIry@ovi.com.

Contest period is from October 27 to November 20, 2009.

We will award 10 winners per category, and each of the entries will win P1000 Ayala EGC!


1. Readers must first open an OVI Mail account at www.ovi.com.
2. They must put the following details in their email entry: (a) Name, (b) Address, (c) OVI Mail Address, and (d) Mobile Phone Number.

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