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Oct 10, 2009

Futile Friday.

10.10.2009 - Last night was a lot of futile attempts. First one is trying to get to Ortigas, when I already left home about 7:30PM on a cab stuck in traffic. I just realized it was a Friday already, and you know when its a pre-weekend travel is not going to be a smooth one.

I over stayed home since I was talking to one of the two people, who I haven't spoken with in over a week. The other one had a rough day due to car troubles, that happened again early this morning.

But last night was definitely grid lock traffic. I had a rough Friday, though like my friend acting as my personal councilor asking me to get out...
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So I jumped off from my room and prepared to get out, even though its futile, that I won't make it to the autograph signing for the third time this year. Actually fourth time since one official signing early this year didn't push through. But the whole afternoon having that conversation with my mischievous friend, that had given me a conk in the head to get out of my cave.

Arriving at past 8:30PM I already accepted that I won't make it to Valerie Concepcion's autographh signing. But all I can think of is dinner. I skipped it for the second time since the other night, but the event last Thursday was seriously a not-so good experience. But who am I to argue nobody's perfect.

So going back with a hundred in hand I can't go stunner, and decided to try the Barbecue 2-Pack Burger, which I thought was literally a packed. Turns out the burger was the size of a pandesal bunched together. I think the pandesal I had for breakfast is larger than this.

It would make the illusion that your getting for you money's worth. Well my guess is I had a wrong assumption.

After a quick dinner at Burger King decided to roam the rest of the evening. I forgot it was the start of a three-day sale with Toys R' Us and as a see the entertainment stage, where they have set up the area for you to check out slashed price on hot items.

Mostly I went up and down the stairs checking the main store and department stores. Nothing much to look at that might interest me. But I accidentally bumped to Slangards, who's updating friends on the phone on his personal sightings.

Actually he was running late at 9:10PM to report for work and he's still here. It was just a short conversation hanging out with the big guy. Well I'll take a look on his suggestion about work though.

Moving along I was either just want to go home or get something for the trip back, since I spent a taxi ride and for the food. Leaving here would definitely feeling sort of empty handed.

I checked the commotion on the sale toys at the basement level. It was a frenzy like after the war kind of scene. Toys scattered all over the place. and here I'm hoping to get a G.I. Joe Steel Crusher. It was futile to look for one when everything got sold out already.

I got lost in the aisle where they have those Star Trek related movie merchandise. Saving up and undecided I just go look around the area until I came back in the same place, where I'm standing staring at those Trek stuff.

Well I guess Slangards had missed something hiding behind in those Star Trek toys. No second thoughts I melted and took it home. It was as they claimed the last one on display. Now I haven't been into impulse buying, when it comes to toys for the past six to eight months.

This one really had to be in a bigger box. I just hate bringing home boxes, but everything else was gravy.

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