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10.11.2009 - Foldabots Volume 2 book launch was packed earlier afternoon at the Fullybooked Fort Boni High Street. One kid brought in his enormous Foldabots collection. The event was organized by Summit Media, which also published the compiled comics & cut out bots of Jomike Tejido.

The event started not exactly at 3PM but parents and kids camre in just in time for the program hosted by DJ Hilary of Jam 88.3 FM. The young ones who came early had started creating there own version of Foldabots characters.

They already readily provided art materials for the kids to start making there creations. A lot of entries was submitted during the course of the program...

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After submitting all the artworks DJ Hilary had called Jomike to show off what's the latest on the second book compilation of Foldabots. There was a lot of neat stuff that was added on the second volume that the first doesn't have. It was neat to see Foldabots seeing them in there Beast Wars concept.

What's cool about the second volume is they also added some goodies, that you can't find in the monthly issue of K-Zone. Where a segment of the Foldabots appears since the magazine was introduced sometime in 2007.

The kids played a lot of games that started with the high speed build-your-own Foldabots from the book. The exciting part is that you have to work with two other kids to build a combiner (three Foldabots form into one bigger robot). It was a riot with the kids cutting, building, and pasting there way to be the first to submit there creation.

After the last game DJ Hilary announced the winners for each contest and activity, that they have set from the start of the program. Prized where awarded until the last part of showing off the most Foldabots toys they owned.

Thr prizes where given by Summit Media who also catered for the food and drinks. Similar to last year's book launch. But this time it was held at the fourth level of the Fullybooked store.

Jomike also signed and had taken pictures with the kids, who bought the latest book compilation of Foldabots. More new stuff will released for the next compilation.

For now you can catch Jomike in the upcoming Komikon 2009 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall on October 18th.A few people who saw Jomike's and my shirt of Foldabots will be sold also during the convention next Sunday.

For more Foldabots check the website HERE!

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