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10.15.2009 - Today is Blog Action Day: Climate Change and I've been thinking what certain topics I should address in the ever changing climate to our planet. One particular topic I want to address is making our streets clean and support green.

I know the little things we do can make a bigger impact or a consequence that will ruin our environment. For example littering is one of the reasons why we here in the Philippines have been hit by floods.

Some people are unconscious about throwing their trash anywhere, that results to a bigger consequences. Like floods in some areas that happened, which tropical storms came to the country these past weeks...

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There are other things that I would say, that we should be addressing about. Specially the ever changing climates that we have been enduring.

Our world is getting smaller by the day. We gave lots of issues to talk about. There's over population to little things like animal rights. But I would consider talking about the environment and how to conserve energy as well.

I mean one way to conserve energy is turn off the lights in your room, which you don't need to save electricity and less money to pay the bills. Consider having that said it does have impact to our environment.

On Animal Rights treat them right like part of the family. There's a dog or a cat out there who's getting an abuse from their owners. I own a cat and treat him right as part of the family. These furry friends of ours needs the right attention.

I admit not being a knowleadgeable pet owner, but for those who think dogs are a delicacy wake up. We should impose a law against these people, who kill them and turned into there fiesta ham.

Save the endangered species and preserve their kind.

Always throw your trash in the bin. Little candy wrappers just keep it in your pocket until you find a trash bin to throw it. One time I was on a jeepney this lady just threw away the wrapper of a potato chip out the window. I wish I could have taken its picture to prove there are other he doesn't really care. Until tragedy hits and hundreds people lose their homes due to the flood.

To conserve energy one tip came to mind is if your living near your work place. It doesn't hurt to walk instead of riding the tricycle. Not only you can save money for the daily fare you get in shape. Just walking near your office it doesn't hurt to sweat a little too.

Of course you bring your office gear in your bag to change. You don't want to go to work looking like drenched in the rain. But turns out to be your own sweat shown in your shirt. You can also commute riding safe environment free-like by taking the MRT & LRT elevated trains. They are safe and powered by electricity.

Lastly if you have a bicycle or an electric scooter its also good to have one instead of bringing your car to work. A good tip to use these simple machines to reduce gas emission.

The trend right now is go electric and this is my Blog Action Day 2009. Until next year then.

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Cher Cabula said...

i hate it when people throw their trash on the road when they're inside a car. totally inconsiderate of them.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Now everyone else go make one too!

Here's my post for Blog Action Day:


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