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Sep 29, 2009

Remember Milenyo.

09.29.2009 - Remember September 27th, 2006? The day Tropical storm Milenyo (International name Xangshane) came, and had shaken Central Luzon like its own playground.

I was on a night shift back then and was given authority to watch over my co-workers, while my boss attend to other concerns at work. Though unlike Ondoy (International name Ketsana), Milenyo is mostly strong winds that came and made a spin out of Makati City. Thought living nearby the area I was still stranded with the rest of the people at the office.

The most we can do was just stay still, while the rumble on the glass windows doesn't break...

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As I see the city being engulfed by the winds and the rain fury of Milenyo we just hope this will end. For most our time at the office some still continue to take calls, since Sprint NexTel was still taking up calls. For those who had ended the shift are anxious to go home that includes me.

As I witness the destruction being made by the strong winds of Milenyo some at work became emotional. There are others tried to contact there love ones. Its like a scene in a movie that its the end of the word as you know it

I have told the experience before about how Bad Weather Day had Milenyo hit Central Luzon. Similar to what Ondoy had flooded key areas like Marikina, Rizal and Pasig. Right now let's be prepared this time moving forward. Because we can't afford not only lose residences through this, but also the lives of people who are trying to survive this calamity.

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