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09.27.2009 - Tropical storm Ondoy has left a trail of damage within Central Luzon & death toll that might reach a hundred. Cainta, Pasig and Marikina, where the most affected with the flash floods & deaths. You can say that it rivals Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans back in 2005.

Though Katrina did a number on New Orleans where a lot of people perished and lost a lot of homes. Ondoy had done more than that, and its evident the areas above mentioned has not fully recovered.

The past twenty four hours was a virtual place to see how things going. Friends online utilizing Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook had posted emergency numbers...

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The internet is at the forefront on what's really happening. Our friends mostly from the blogging community residing in Marikina had no power, food or water. We pray for them that they survive this experience.

In some places the experience was quite eerie like nothing happened. I went to chekc Makati city the business district. Its like an experience from the movie I Am Legend where nobody's around. I felt like the same situation during the holy week, but more different when in some parts of Manila people are dying.

I checked the parks and areas that most people hang out, but nobody's around until I reached the commercial area. The local malls like Glorietta & Greenbelt. To my surprise the people have crowded these places. Though not entirely as it used to be because the mood is like trying to get past this crisis.

Its not like everyone living in Makati was there in some places it was quiet. Selected stores where closed during the day and the people who works in the mall where either dead tired or sleeping.

There was other places where people's reaction are quite not to expect. Though I ignore the not so good parts. I just check the places until I walk back home.

Its strange but I know we'll go through this. Like a friend I used to work with she says "It happens to the best of us..." we just have to put a proper perspective, that we can't control these but never lose hope.

Even though the situation looke like nothing has happened.

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