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08.01.2009 - Last night I was with co-workers & teammates at Makati Medical Center to visit my supervisor, where former President Cory Aquino was also confined. The receiving area in the newly constructed building had media from all the local channels not to mention some foreign correspondent.

On our way down the elevator we didn't knew immediately, that baby James the youngest son of Kris Aquino-Yap being carried by the maid just got off on the 3rd floor as the little boy smiled back.

The place has full of tension & mixed vibes on the current condition of the former president. Until Senator Noy Noy Aquino had made a press conference earlier this morning that Corazon Aquino had passed away at 0318HRS.

On the way home passing by the Edsa Shrine that the original peaceful revolution had built I gave one minute silence looking at the big screen flashing the former president's image.

She will be remembered for her legacy as the First Woman President of a Real Democracy. May God Bless her Soul & Peace to our country.

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