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07.19.2009 - Congratulations to Jinky Laurel and thanks to Azrael for the invite on the recent Cinemalaya film entry for the gala premier of Last Supper No. 3. The film was shown at CCP's Little Theater and rave reviews can be seen with people cheering from the crowd.

The movie tells the story of the missing third Last Supper painting directed by Veronica Velasco (Utoy, Maling Akala, Inang Yaya) and it was co-written by our friend Jinky Laurel.

Based on a true story, Last Supper No. 3 is a humorous look at the winding path our legal system takes to justice. A typical Filipino situation where it starts from a small problem that went from bad to worse. The film is very well made with details and special cameos of well-known actors in the Philippine movie industry.

This film is surely one of the entries highly recommended to see.

For more of the events that happened in the gala premier check out the photos below what has transpired last earlier today...

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