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07.21.2009 - After seeing Last Supper No.3 gala premier at CCP's Little Theater Azrael and I went to chill at SM Mall of Asia. I haven't been in better days until this recent Sunday. We stopped by Timezone to check out if there's an arcade version of Guitar Hero. Lo and behold we saw the only two-player unit standing. Azrael played the game for one round to finish a song.

The latest music game since Konami came out with Guitar Freaks also known as Guitar Mania. But that was rivaled by the emergence of Guitar Hero. What makes it way better than Guitar Freaks is it featured a well known musician the likes of former Guns N' Roses lead Slash.

Though haven't played the game I'm sure my interest will pick up pretty soon. For now I'm still into playing the latest incarnation of Dance Dance Revolution marking its 10th year existence in the Philippine arcade community.

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Azrael Coladilla said...

anarchy in SM MOA! hahahaha

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