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03.06.2009 - A Message posted at the Pedicab Yahoo Group mailing list from Raymund Marasigan himself. Here's the full transcript...

Dear kids its thursday morning.

I woke up too early (played a late pedicab gig last night). I'm getting excited about the Eraserheads show this coming Saturday.

I haven't been excited up to this point so let me back track a little. Sandwich just got back from rocking Singapore, pedicab is preparing a new video and getting ready for the mosaic festival, Cambio is writing songs for the next album, Gaijin (my new band)is in the studio recording. Aside from the busy gig sked, i've been (distracted) skateboarding downhill with the whiskey hill crew.haha the Eheads rehearsed again last Tuesday.

We played the whole show without breaks. we did it that way the previous session to test our endurance (and to go home early haha). rehearsals are more taxing mentally and physically than the actual show. we played for more than 3 hours straight repeating a few songs that needed some work. some friends dropped by, romeo lee even jammed some old tunes from the u.p. days.

I'd like to report that everyone is healthy and in tip top shape to perform this Saturday. (i had a minor surgery early this month and have been recovering steadily these past few weeks.) the stage in MOA is getting built as i type, I've picked the shoes I'm wearing haha if you don't know what to wear check out the team manila website for some shirts we designed. excited is good, the band seems to be in good spirits. Ely hinted that we might extend the show if the crowd behaves haha. its going to be a different show from the previous one. its a different set of songs. no countdowns, no wigs, no green hair, yes yes yo! I'm going to play drums now, see y'all this Saturday!


... So are you ready for the Final Set?

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