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12.07.2008 - This year's Sony Expo was a complete success with the crowd lining up to register and see the technology that's already in the market. As well as those that are about to be available in the coming year. Online writers trooped to the SMX Convention Center to see who will win the best blog about his/her first Sony experience.

My favorite part of the Sony Expo event was KC Concepcion arriving with the winning grand prize a Cyber-shot T700 on stage. Mike Pamero bested the top 50 entries that was submitted to Nuffnang. KC also went to the Cybershot booth area where she showed all the latest models including the world's first thin digital camera, the Cyber-shot T77.

Speaking of the World Breakthroughs early in the day there was a display of the much talked about gadgets. Seeing it to believe it as all eight namely the 240Hz LCD TV. The Noise canceling headphones that's attached to the Notebook from Vaio. The Smallest, Lightest, and Slimmest Camcorder. The First RGB LED Backlight LCD TV. The Noise Canceling Portable Music Player by Walkman. The Digital Noise Canceling Headphone, which I had the chance to demo its 99% noise canceling features. The heavy Sony Alpha 900 series that has 24.6 Mega Pixels with full frame capabilities. Lastly the slimmest camera that KC endorsed ,which she quoted as "the model camera".

All eight can be interactively seen in action spread out in each location of the products. Mostly the highlight of the event was the top blog entries. The participants as well as VIPs was served with lunch prior to the program.

After the event program I found out that the expo is also running a sort of scavenger hunt. You get a piece of the brochure to have it stamped to designated Sony booths to take home a freebie. It took less than fifteen minutes to get them all complete. Overall the experience won't end without Calalilly performance during the late afternoon.

Everyone got something to take home specially that red rabbit from the Bravia commercial. Thanks to Nuffnang for bringing the Sony Experience a reality.

The Sony Expo 2008 ends today catch the last day at the SMX Convention Center from 10AM until 7PM.

Get Closer. Get Sony.

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michael (ph)ierce said...

hi MC!

thanks for dropping by =) sayang naman, di kita na-meet sa event =(

anyway, pina-bilib mo naman ako.. may entry ka n agad for the VAIO LAPTOP! galing naman =)

wishin u all the best.

earthlingorgeous said...

Wow ang bilis parang flash! May entry ka na ako ala pa putek hehehe. :) I want the laptop!

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