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Nov 15, 2008

Watch & Upgrade.

11.15.2008 - Finally getting out of the first day of the three day Mall sale in Ayala. It must be a war all the time when your going to a place that held these kind of events. You'll be burning your pockets after pay day.

After seeing Quantum of Solace got to pick Casino Royale, which saw first 30 minutes of the film and got really impressed. The other DVD was the original Madagascar animation. Due to the hype of the Happy Meal for the sequel Escape From Africa had acquired a copy both on Sale at Astro Plus.

A little upgrade for the little silver iPod, which was a good time since the earphones that came with it originally has worn out.

Interchangeable color clips and designed vents made the sound more like its live. I was planning to get an original iPod earphone for it, but decided to get the Philips Mix and Match earphones made for iPod less expensive and colorful too.

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