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Nov 23, 2008

Komikon Coverage 2008.

11.23.2008 - Every year Komikon 2008 gets better with substance, and content on what's been happening in the Philippine comics industry. Though its growing every year things are father than compared to its US conventions, but in a small way it has become an annual event similar to Toy Con. Its become known locally and would hopefully known internationally as well.

Now on its 4th year Komikon has more deeply promote not only fast rising artists and creation as wells as giving new grounds for independent comics. There's more growth ahead for the industry and it does not happen overnight.

There will be others who will start their own comics related convention, but when you talk about comics industry in general nothing captures the essence than Komikon.

Hopefully next year it would move to a bigger and better venue. As the event expands as the way Filipinos admire comics, and getting into reading once again. Now we can't wait for Komikon 2009 can't we?

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Heffer Wolfe said...

awright! thanks mark!!!

Komikon Committee said...

Thanks Mark! Pahingi copies ng shots mo ha! CD please :)


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