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10.29.2008 - Last night was a one of those rare shows you'll ever see. Well known musicians from all over Asia banded together to perform as Unit Asia. Evidently the performance from last night was beyond expectation.

Live at the Music Museum everyone was awestruck with there music, and stood out as one of those rare performance that was a standing ovation.

Artists from Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan is one Unit Asia who brought the house down. The Queen of Bossa was the special artist of that night. The one and only Sitti who graced and perform Girl from Ipanema, Look at the Sun and Aqua Beber.

There was an encore after Unit Asia stepped out the stage to end there performance. They played two more songs and then Sitti came out to surprise everyone with Mas Que Nada (a personal favorite of mine).

Quite astounding & invigorating night it was. Unit Asia's next tour will take them to other parts of South East Asia.

They have been traveling since coming from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for rehearsals until they reached Manila.

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