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10.11.2008 - On the way home from a LEGO® event meeting I took the train from Metro Rail Transport at Shaw station. Its a Saturday where there is not many people waiting in the platform.

Well boarding the usual train was one of the alternate transport just to get to point A to point B. I've been traveling and taking this sometimes just to get there on time. But whenever I get on a train where there is less passengers I noticed most of these passengers would crowd at the doors.

So what's is it that people should be blocking the doors instead there wasted free space in the middle isle of the train.

In other countries as I remember far back from my last trip in Hongkong people had the discipline not to crowd at the exit/entrance part of the train, which usually announced by the driver not to do.

Are we lacking discipline here?

I'm bothered what's with local commuters taking the train shouldn't be doing is blocking off the doors, that sometimes would look liked the train is filled up. But eventually the space in the middle of the isle is so spacious you could lie down for no off reasons.

We should set a better example to other countries where they really listen to what the train driver says.

Never stand at the doors. Sheesh!

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